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The Book Of Eulogies This Invaluable Anthology Is The First And Only Collection Dedicated To The Art Of The Eulogy For The Past Several Years, Phyllis Theroux Has Collected The Most Eloquent And Moving Writing Commemorating A Death, Assessing A Life, Or Offering Solace To The Bereaved Ranging From Thomas Jefferson S Magisterial Eulogy For George Washington To Anna Quindlen S Affectionate Memorial For Her Grandmother From Helen Keller S Words About Her Dear Friend Mark Twain To Adlai Stevenson S About Eleanor Roosevelt, The Book Of Eulogies Establishes That Great Eulogies Are A Celebration Of Remarkable Lives That Can Illuminate, Confirm, Inspire, And Redirect Our Own Theroux Has Included Some Of The World S Most Well Known Tributes, Such As Pericles Funeral Oration, Jules Michelet S Appreciation Of Jeanne D Arc, Victor Hugo S Ringing Words On The One Hundredth Anniversary Of Voltaire S Death, Cardinal Suenens S Eulogy For Pope John XXIII But Most Of The Eulogized Assembled Here Are Eighteenth To Twentieth Century Americans, And The Stories Of Their Lives Illuminate Our History With A Particularly Intimate Light In Robert Kennedy S Extemporaneous Remarks Upon Hearing Of The Death Of Martin Luther King, Or Eugene McCarthy S Tribute To His Friend And Colleague, Hubert Humphrey, The Values, Wisdom, And Spirit Of Both The Eulogized And The Eulogizer Are Revealed The Book Of Eulogies Is A Sourcebook For Anyone Who Must Find Words Of Solace, Understanding, And Inspiration On The Occasion Of A Beloved S Death It Is Also A Treasury Of Astonishing Eloquence, Passion, And Humanity A Record Of Extraordinary Lives, Seen Through The Eyes Of Those Who Knew And Loved Them.

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    Everyone should read this book I cannot recommend it enough Far from being morbid, page after page shows how beautifully, respectfully, and eloquently people can honor the memory of a loved one There were several that ...

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    Sterile and painful to finish.

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    As I approach the age of 50, and of my contemporaries die way too young, and while I can anticipate and, to some extent, prepare for the death of loved ones in their 70 s and 80 s, nothing can truly prepar...

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    This was a fantastic read It was well organized, easy to digest, and filled with snippets of lives throughout history It is also a sampling of writing trends The best part of this book was the insight it gave into life and humanity And after death, the eulogists end up revealing their own natures.

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    I liked this one.

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    Worth reading just for Diana Trilling s piece on Marilyn Monoroe.

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    I am not quite finished I will finish this year though PHYLLIS Theroux best writer in non fiction MY FAVORITE

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    A gift from a good friend about three months after the death of my father A wonderful and inspirational journey.