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Dark Host Feline Mosaic, Charis Sur, Thought Her Mission Aboard The INS Pagidion Would Be Quick And Easy All She Has To Do Is Watch Her Target And Keep Him Alive Until Betelgeuse Goes Nova.Simple Until One Of The Passengers Drops Dead In Front Of Her.Suddenly Everything Is Not Simple Her Life Depends On A Successful Mission And She Has To Protect Her Target From Whatever Killed This Man That Throws Her Into The Path Of Jason Narak, The One Man She Never Wanted To See Again The Man Who Burned Her Six Months Before Yet, Even As Her Past With Jason Hurls Her Mission, Her Life Into Disarray, Charis Finds That Something Is Waiting For Them Aboard The INS Pagidion.It Calls Itself Darkness And It Needs A Host.

10 thoughts on “Dark Host

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    Very action oriented, and unfortunately, suffers from lack of cohesive explanations for everything that is going on There s a strong sense of deja vu with the first book I read by this author, too Still, the heroine, who is also th...

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    Even though this was a short story it kind of felt like it would drag on forever Wasn t horrible, but felt like a continuation of a story, felt as if something was missing, and was a bit confusing to me.

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    I thought I knew what I was getting when I read the blurb for this book I was wrong It was so much better SFR spiced up with a dash of paranormal and bioengineering Ms Knox s books rock and this one is written in her fast paced strong voice I loved this story and read it all in one sitting.

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    A strange, yet compelling, story that mostly had me scratching my head in puzzlement I think I could have done with less ambiguity and confusion even though it was well written and had plenty of action.

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    Kim hit one off the space station again I LOVED it

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