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The Knitters Book of Wool In This Complete Guide To Wool The Most Popular Yarn Around Passionate Wool Expert Clara Parkes Translates The Vast World Of Sheep And Their Wool Into The Language And Context Of Knitting.What Is Wool Clara Starts With The Fundamentals What Wool Is Made Of, How It Gets Off The Sheep, And How It Is Transformed From A Jumbled Mass Of Dirty Fluff Into A Gorgeous Yarn That So Tempts Us At Our Local Yarn Stores.Who Makes It Parkes Conducts An Inspiring Tour Of Sheep Breeds From Around The World Introducing Us To The Animals Who Give Us Their Wool And Explains How To Best Knit With Yarns Made From Their Fibers.Which Yarn Do I Use If Only There Were A Way To Read A Skein To Know How It Would Behave And What It Wanted To Become Now There Is Parkes Demystifies The Generic Non Breed Specific Wool Yarn You Ll Find At Your Local Yarn Shop, Showing You How To Best Determine What Every Yarn Longs To Be.What Do I Knit Parkes Went To Some Of The Most Creative And Inquisitive Design Minds Of The Kniting World To Provide Than 20 Patterns That Highlight The Qualities Of Specific Types Of Wool The Knitter S Book Of Wool Teaches You Everything You Need To Know About Wool And Its Journey From Pasture To Pullover The Next Time You Pick Up A Skein, You Won T Have To Wonder What To Create With It You Ll Just Know.

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    Great breakdown of how wool works in yarn, as well as a basic, but extensive, rundown of various sheep breed stats staple length, softness, feltability, etc , and a section discussing how wool blends with other fibers and how these blends act drape, luster, halo, etc As someone who has been wanting to payattention to and learn the differences between breeds, this is a great starting point I can also see it being helpful for knitters who are branching out into spinning.As with the o Great breakdown ...

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    Imagine if all the wine in the world red and white alike were mixed together and sold as generic wine Think of how many centuries of craftsmanship and flavor would be lost, and how mediocre it would taste compared with how it would taste if the grapes had been kept separate or selectively blended Such an act would be almost unthinkable in the food world But in the knitting world, just as much nuance is lost every day when flat, bouncy, long, short, matte, and lustrous fibers from ancie Imagine if all the wine in the world red and white alike were mixed together and sold as generic wine T...

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    Full disclosure I am a Wool Person One of the things I love most about living where I do is a local climate that enables me to don a wool sweater almost every evening without air conditioning With that out of the wayWell, I thought I was a Wool Person, until this Clara Parkes came along Her deep and abiding passion for her subject surpasses not only mine, but that of most knitters I know, and it comes through in her book The tone of the book, though, is not one of...

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    The Book of Wool isactually pretty darn nifty The book is muchoriented towards the different types of wool producing creatures and the finer points of each There s quite a difference between merino an...

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    I actually read this book cover to cover Learned quite a bit There are a few patterns I plan to try and the photography was wonderful I m looking forward to reading her The Knitter s Book of Yarn The Ultimate Guide to Choosing, Using, and Enjoying Yarn.

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    LOVED this book, well but I am just a BIT obsessed with knitting and these amazing yarns that come from sheep this book breaks things down and it is quite enjoyable

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    i love this book i think it s becoming one of my favorite reference books.

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    I was very disappointed to see that the majority of the book lists patterns I aminterested in the information she lists in chapters 1 3 1 What is wool , 2 From pasture to Pullover, turning wool into yarn., 3 Meet the breeds.

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    Detailed, loving exploration of sheep and wool, with a lovely selection of patterns.

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    An excellent source for anyone who wants to learn .