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Tyttö ja naakkapuu Ein Kind Sieht Und F Hlt Und Denkt Ber Die Welt Das Kleine M Dchen Ich Figur Steht Unter Dem Baum, Wo Die Dohlen Sitzen, Und Wartet Auf Mama Es Beobachtet V Gel, B Ume, Die Welt Seine Gedanken Kreisen Um Die Dohlen, Das Ertrinken Im Himmel, Die Erinnerung Und Das Vermissen, Um Ihren Verstorbenen Vater Der Tod Des Vaters Wird In Assoziativen Gedankeng Ngen Verwoben Mit All Den Anderen Naturdingen Und Naturvorg Ngen, Denen Das M Dchen Nachh Ngt Der Text Ist Lyrisch, Still, Assoziativ, Wie Er Einem Kind So Daherkommt Und Parallel Dazu Wirken Die Sch N Gestalteten Bilder Das Ruhige Und Besinnliche Buch Vermittelt Eine Ahnung Der Geheimnisvollen Kindlichen Welt Ab 5 Jahren, Gut, Ruedi W Schweizer.

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    This book is wonderful A little girl waits for her mother and in the meantime thinks about her father s death an being lonely This topic actually isn t wonderful but the way it is presented is It is a great way of helping kids deal with this topic.

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    A deeply touching story about the death of a parent The original Finnish story is very beautifully written The language is quite advanced and I know a small child can t grasp everything in the first read this is one of those stories that offer new realisations every read I love the art illustrations in this book very everyday , child perspective, but with a melancholy veil over them I would recommend this to those who have had death in their fam...

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    Ihana lastenkirja Syyst kin saanut Finlandia Junior palkinnon Mahtava kuvitus ja koskettava teema Min tied n ik v n Se on sellaista, jonka tuntee joka puolella itsess n Eniten se tuntuu vaatteiden sis ll , mutta min en...

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    An abstract look at a father s death from the perspective of a young girl.Story The story begins with a young girl standing beneath a tree full of blackbirds at a train station Her mother is inside the train station buying tickets This allows the girl time to think about her father s death She flip flops in childlike fashion from topics such as death and feelings to butterflies and teddy bears.Language The prose in this book is comparable to a painting Whisps of one color here, a brushstroke of another there Then a swipe to curve them together Melancholically innocent but heartfelt and touching, this book, although about the father s death, is about so much The vocabulary is a bit challenging, but not much.Character We never learn the girl s name, but we do view the people around her fro...

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