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Madame Dread: A Tale of Love, Vodou andCivil Strife in Haiti Read Madame Dread A Tale Of Love, Vodou AndCivil Strife In Haiti Kathie Klarreich Wgf2011.eu Kathie Klarreich, A White Jewish Girl From The West Coast, Arrived In Haiti As A Na Ve Twenty Something In The Late 1980s There She Worked For A Fair Trade Organization Weeks Became Months, And Months Became Years, As Klarreich, Despite The Spiraling Political Violence, Became Enthralled By The Island, Its Lifestyle And Traditions, To The Extent That She Started To Grow Dreads, Attend Voodoo Masses And Started To File Reports For The Christian Science Monitor And Its Attendant Radio Station Klarreich Saw Civil Violence, Mass Slaughter, Coups, And U.S Intervention All Up Close, And On A Daily Basis As A Reporter Often Risking Life And Limb, Accused Of Being A CIA Agent By Her Enemies, She Lost A Man She Loved Due To An Assassin S Bullet But She Established Credentials, Contacts And Developed An Unsparing Eye That Led Major News Organizations Such As The New York Times, ABC, CNN, Fresh Air And Time Magazine To Regard Her As Nonpareil Throughout The Turbulent Decade This Compelling Memoir Interweaves Shattering Political Events With An Intensely Personal Narrative About The Haitian Musician Klarreich Eventually Marries And Has A Child With , Who Turns Out To Be As Enthralling And Complicated As The Political Events She Covered.

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    I really liked this book Kathie Klarreich s memoir begins in 1988 when she leaves her San Francisco home on a 3 month buying trip to Haiti in search of handicrafts She ends up staying in Haiti and writes about the next two decades of her life Klarreich stuck to the facts and didn t get mired down in complicated political minutae Her honesty and voice shined through her writing as she shared her ...

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    If you can get past the klunky writing and the underdone self analysis I came to Haiti to find myself , you ll enjoy reading about one person s experiences as a foreigner in Haiti Amy Wilentz is a better political writer and Ian Th...

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    It was interesting to be reading this book when the tragic hurricane hit Haiti I knew very little about the history or current situation in Haiti The memoir is an American woman who lived in Haiti for several years, becoming a journalist and marrying a Haitian man I g...

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    What was it about Haiti that kept Kathie Klarreich coming back to it I never could figure out the charm of a country where the people live in devastating poverty and the leaders are corrupt and kill all who oppose them.

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    I loved this book I thought the writing was perfect, as the reader feels the emaotions and weight of the moment as the writer does, and it was interesting to learn about another culture Unfortunately, I lost the book before I could finish it, but will be picking another up very soon.

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    I might go reread this book that took a look at the vodou culture in Haiti I read it in 2005 and strongly recommended it to friends at the time I think after everything that has happened to Haiti, it would probably shed light on the historical situation.

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    Author makes a valiant effort to show how she fell in love with Haiti and its people, but her encounters with officials, and resulting pessimism, make it a tough read.

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    a really, really spectacular book brutally frank, especially about aristide and voudou ceremonies just like a visit to haiti