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The Power of Animals: An Ethnography KINDLE The Power Of Animals An Ethnography Author Brian Morris Bandcamptomp3.co.uk The Multiple Ways In Which People Relate To Animals Provide A Revealing Window Through Which To Examine A Culture Western Cultures Tend To View Animals Either As Pets Or Food, And Often Overlook The Vast Number Of Roles That They May Play Within A Culture And In Social Life Generally Their Use In Medicine, Folk Traditions And Rituals This Comprehensive And Very Readable Study Focuses On Malawi People And Their Rich And Varied Relationship With Animals From Hunting Through To Their Use As Medicine More Broadly, Through A Rigorous And Detailed Study The Author Provides Insights Which Show How The People S Relationship To Their World Manifests Itself Not Strictly In Social Relations, But Just As Tellingly In Their Relatioships With Animals That, In Fact, Animals Constitute A Vital Role In Social Relations While Significantly Advancing Classic African Ethnographic Studies, This Book Also Incorporates Current Debates In A Wide Range Of Disciplines From Anthropology Through To Gender Studies And Ecology.

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    I had to read this for an Ethnobiology class and I found this really hard to get through A lot of my class liked it, but I thought it was poorly written and it was really hard to get into.

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