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10 thoughts on “Primitive Rebels: Studies in Archaic Forms of Social Movement in the 19th and 20th Centuries

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    I liked this book but some of its terminology and framings carry some baggage i.e the use of primitive and archaic to describe agitation from below I don t disagree with Hobsbawm in his assessment of movement building and his differentiation between riots and revolutionary movements However, I think Ranajit Guha did a good job in explaining the baggage and Eurocentrism in Hobsbawm s work He argued the following There was nothing spontaneous about all this in the sense of being unthinking and wanting in deliberation The peasant obviously knew what he was doing when he rose in revolt The fact that this was designed primarily to destroy the authority of the superordinate elite and carried no elaborate blueprint for its replacement, does not put it outside the realm of politics On the contrary, insurgency affirmed its political character precisely by its negative and inversive procedure By trying to force a mutual substitution of the dominant and the...

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    A wide ranging, sometimes rambling early effort from one of the heavyweights of historical study While the book and its thesis seem a bit flat in places, Hobsbawm himself admits this wasn t intended as a fully fleshed out work Decent for what it is.

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    Hobsbawm s early book, Primitive Rebels, isn t really about anything primitive, or rebels as such It s basically about education, or what you do when you don t have any Or not enough Or one specifically political, in a proper Marxist sort of way Yeah, I know You re shocked out of your shoes that another.book of purported history is really just propaganda from another leftist British historian Get over it I had to Hibsbawm s narrowly focused subject is social rebellion in Southern Europe between the time of Napoleon until the arrival of a suitable translation of Das Capitol to a town near you Some of the material in this book remains fairly interesting to this day, though Hobsbawm admits his sources used are scant, and now dated Gramsci s theory of the north versus the south is ever present throughout this text, naturally Social, meaning pre political, uprisings are sketched as either conservative in nature, or those radically inclined are allied to messianic concepts, if not with actual functioning religious sects Some of Hobsbawm s suggestions seem mostly intuitive, as Bakuninists being unable to get a sufficient foothold in the cities the...

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    If I ranked books based solely on the cool things they referenced this book would be a five I loved the discussions over anarchism and the Lazzeretti s But the fact is, that Hobsbawm is factually wrong on some thin...

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    Great insights, not the strongest analysis Cites a lot of interesting cases Good intro to different kinds of social rebellion.

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    Recomendado, sobre todo el cap tulo sobre Colombia.

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    Hobsbawn spent a large part of his career attacking and in many cases mystifying what anarchism especially in Spain was really about I cannot recommend this book to anyone interested in the connections between early anarchisms and recent ones including the anti globalization movement No one should overlook H s relentlessly Stalinist reading of history, but he was one of the great marxist historians and this is a good book on late 19th social movements by no means archaic Serious readers in social movement history will be better served by Christopher Hill, EP Thompson, and most recently Silvia Federici Her Caliban and the Witch gets to the heart of primitive social movements, with emphasis on the radical positions of women throughout those struggles Fans of Hobsbawn are better served by his recent work on the 20th Century, where is proves a very fine critic of the cold war, even his beloved state socialism I have not read his recently r...

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    I didn t know much about the topic, so I appreciated Hobsbawm s detailed reference list and contextualisation of rebels in Italy, Spain, etc His thesis is an interesting one, but in my opinion he is too summarily dismissive about the potential for true social change through primitive action Another major gripe for me was the author s shallow and rather uninformed treatment of transformational religious movements In the section on worker sects, the analysis is disappointingly simplistic Hobsbawm describes Christian movements as completely gnostic and condemns religion as simply as a substitute for action, or even a hindrance on it This stance is at odds with many examples from history, including worker priests and the social doctrine developed in particular in the Catholic Church To sum up it s an interesting topic and thesis, but the analysis is dated and lacking real depth exactly when it s needed, namely in the examination of religion and Christ...

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    Interesting studies of primitive social movements, which in Hobsbawm s terms means pre rational and, practically speaking, pre contemporary socialist movements What makes this book special in his oeuvre is the relatively large role religion although always primitive plays in the book Good stuff.

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    Conceptually interesting but sort of flat accounting of early forms of social rebellion The book seems to be casting around for reasons to connect the various forms of primitive rebellion that it discusses ...

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Eric Hobsbawm, a self confessed unrepentant communist , was professor emeritus of economic and social history of the University of London at Birkbeck He wrote many acclaimed historical works, including a trilogy on the nineteenth century The Age of Revolution, The Age of Capital, and The Age of Empire, and was the author of The Age of Extremes The Short 20th Century 1914 1991 and his recent au