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    Excited to have finally got my hands on a copy to read and glad I purchased a second copy because I ll definitely be recommending it The recent phenomenon of publishing science narrative nonfiction or biographies of the science community have enad me ones like Terrible Typhoid Mary A True Story of the Deadliest Cook in America, the series by Gail Jarrow, Lab Girl, Misunderstood A Book About Rats, Tiny Stitches The Life of Medical Pioneer Vivien Thomas This one is sweetly succinct but expansive yet does focus on dolphins, primates, and elephants than any of the other animals, yet does explain certain behaviors or thoughts using others things like hive mind or empathy The book is organized systematically and I was never overwhelmed by the information it was sharing The pages alternated in color, which was unique and while it may be distracting to some, I noticed it, but wasn t bothered by it There were plenty of pictures including my favorite the front ...

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    Fascinating This is the latest in several books I ve read lately about animal intelligence It makes me wonder if we should pay attention to the life we have on this planet and focus a little less on potential life elsewhere The ch...

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    Lots of full color photographs and text boxes with fun facts make this a fun book to browse However, trying to read this book cover to cover was a challenge for me, despite my background in science and general love of animals I just didn t find it that engaging however, I am hopeful that there are students out there that will love it Writing is clear ...

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    An interesting, appealing look at what researchers have discovered about animal intelligence and behavior Includes great information for readers on how they can conduct studies of their own.

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    What a great book about a topic that is quite complex and, to some, confrontational I trained as a zoologist and specialised in animal behaviour, so much of the content in this book was familiar to me I can therefore appreciate that it was very well researched and presented to suit a MG YA audience complete with great colour photos and fact boxes The newest research cited in the book was entirely new to me I trained quite a while ago and learning about those studies was fascinating.Interesting, well presented, and with a smattering of first hand experiences in which the author visited study locations and met t...

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    This book was absolutely fascinating I learned so much about how animals think, feel, and communicate The book is full of interesting research studies done with different animals At least a dozen times, I stopped reading and had to share the different...

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    An enlightening journey through animal brains and how they relate to ours.

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    Clear explanation of scientific processes and studies used when researching animal intelligence and emotions.

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    a good, well written resource for young adults.

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Beastly Brains PDF Epub Beastly Brains Author Nancy F Castaldo Ivogue.co.uk In Beastly Brains, Nancy Castaldo Delves Into The Minds Of Animals And Explores Animal Empathy, Communication, Tool Use, And Social Societies Through Interviews And Historical Anecdotes Researchers From Charles Darwin To Jane Goodall Have Spent Years Analyzing The Minds Of Animals, And Today S Science Is Revolutionizing Old Theories And Uncovering Surprising Similarities To Our Own Minds Humans Are Not Alone In Our Ability To Think About Ourselves, Make Plans, Help Each Other, Or Even Participate In Deception You Ll Think Differently About The Animals On This Planet Maybe It S Their World And We Re Just Living In It