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Not So Little Green Man Not So Little Green Man Pdf Author Erin Tate Bassgrotto.co.uk What S A Big, Bad Sometimes Green Alien To Do When He Wants A Mate Who Isn T Motivated By Greed Contact Celestial Mates After All, Their Business Is Romancing The Galaxy Since She S Creeping Up On The Age Of Bearing Service, The Earth Government Wants Jassa To Have A Baby And Then Hand It Off For A Family To Raise, But Jassa Wants Her Own Family Which Means Calling Celestial Mates One Questionnaire, A Bit Of Blood, And A Race To Get Away From The Department Of Population, And She S Got Her Wish Tall, Sexy As Hell, And Occasionally Green Alien Vroe, The High Warlord Of Vialea Vroe Aches For A Mate Who Doesn T See Him As Just A Rise In Status He Wishes For Warmth And Affection And Goes To Celestial Mates To Find Jassa Marizen Yet His Ideas About Mating Jassa Mating Him And Forever Being Known As Only Vrya Collide With Hers She Doesn T Want To Lose Her Past He Wants Her To Embrace Her Future And Then There S This Other Woman She Just Wants Vroe To Herself Part Of The CELESTIAL MATES Shared Scifi World O Awesome

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    Cute, ridiculous, smutty, and short.Kind of like a perverted Christmas elf.

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    Kindle Unlimited quick read Ms Kyle always has a good setup for a world The sex scene aren t plentiful but work Not enough detail I think the setup for Jassa being on the run and diving into this relati...

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    I liked the beginning of this story and the way it was set up It definitely felt futuristic with its speedy transportation vehicles and the unfortunate rise of an almost big brother type state with individuals losing their rights and personal freedom I know that sounds a bit grim and depressing but it s important to understand just why Jassa takes the steps she does.So what I didn t like was the fact that one moment Jassa is about to leave Earth and the next she s arriving on a new planet, one were she s compatible with what turns out to be their King Vroe is instantly attracted to the soft human he greets but unfortunately has a tricky issue with the exact timing of her arrival I will say no about that but it s not the only fly in the ointment It s a different world with different customs and not everyone wants Vroe to be with the very human Jassa but they are in for a pretty rude awakening as Jassa won t go down without a fight I liked the different feel and pace on the planet Vilea but was left with questions I guess as this is a short story the aut...

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    Aww, guys This one was fun A human woman who just wants the chance to have her own family gets matched up with a hunky alien trying to find someone to love SHENANIGANS ENSUE Well, not shenanigans, exactly More like cultural differences And mating fun Sort of.I mean, it takes a while to get to the mating part FOR REASONS Actually, it s because tall, sometimes green, and hunky is worried about giving it to his new lady love You know, because they REALLY GIVE IT TO THE LADIES.That s understandable, really, since nobody wants to ruin their lady friend on their first time...

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    Fun start to a smexxy alien series about celestial mates 3.0 Stars Jassa Marizen of Earth, I , Stevre, Vroe of Vialea, lay claim to your heart, your love, and your soul May your heart beat always with mine May your love rival my own May your soul call for mine after the final sun has set.

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    4 starsThis was a very enjoyable story I liked both Jassa and Vroe and their story was a bit short but I liked it very much.In this world, women on Earth apparently have a certain amount of time to find a man and get pregnant or the Government takes them, impregnates them and then takes their baby afterwards and the babies are never seen again by the mother Jassa is a statistician that grew up in the foster system She isn t willing to lose her baby and never seeing it again so she decides to sign up for an off world matchmaking service that looks at everything down to genetics to find the perfect mate for people The Earth Gov isn t willing to give Jassa up easily though and when we start the story, she s running desperately for the loading dock of the departing alien transport with the Earth Gov agents hot on her tail.Obviously, Jassa makes it to the transport and is taken to a planet to meet her new mate, Vroe What she doesn t realize is that Vroe is actually his title, which he takes as his name when he became leader of his people Jassa is rather surprised to find out that she s basically becoming the Queen of her new people, The attraction with Vroe is...

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    I wasn t impressed with this one It reminded me of dozens of other alien romances I ve read It just wasn t anything memorable extreme instalove and no depth to the storyline or character development if this turns out to be a series needless to say I won t be continuing with it

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    Dnf at 67%Just don t care enough to continue Boring.

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    I soooo wish there were 1 2 stars If I could give 1 2 stars this would be 2 1 2 stars,geez I hate giving a bad review to ppl I like and I really Ms.Kyle but for me her books are VERY hit and miss,some I really really love buy too many I barely like at all The description sounded really good and interesting but Deep sigh, too many things that s just drive me crazy in a book, 1 I don t enjoy a really s l o w build up in a Short story, I call this slow because by chapter 6 and at 25% all Jassa had done was leave Earth,arrive on her new home planet been seen by her new mate and barely,just barely make it inside their new home tog ether, that s all Seriously all they d done was make inside their home together at 25% and that s w out seeing her trip on the trip there then a long tour on their home 2 inner monologue than outer dialogue,I start to get bored and annoyed when almost 1 2 a chapter is just their own thoughts and not one word spoken to anyone especially the other MC, then 3 then when all that damn inner monologue is preconceive notion s or thoughts that creates unneeded conflict if the H or h would take just 5 seconds to discuss thei...

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    I received a free copy of this book and voluntarily chose to review it.I did enjoy the book It was pretty short and felt a little rushed at the end I did think we needed details on Jessa s past and why they force women on Earth to be breeders I can make assumptions but I d like to read about it instead I think I would have liked for Jessa and Stevre to spend a little time together He didnt even explain much to her There was a question he avoided about his family that wasnt answered either I m a fan of her other sci fi books and anything else she writes but this one felt a little less developed in areas It wasn t necessarily a cliffhanger but it sorta felt unfinished No epilogue What will come of Stevre s brother, Teon Will he find his mate Will Jessa and Stevre have children I m not all that familiar with this series I know they are all standalone and some haven t released yet but were supposed to So, I am not sure if there will be or if she ll continue and do Teon s story I m a...