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    This is a nice angsty read, with a hero and heroine who both have abandonment issues He s taken refuge in cold duty, responsible for cleaning up his wayward family s messes She s looking for love and belonging, for little Annabel and ultimately for herself This is one of the better HP s I think The hero is alpha but he s not needlessly cruel or jerk y I liked that he s been celibate for 2 years, instead of being the usual stud cliche, which is how he knows he s not a dad The heroine could have been spirited She s Welsh which is refreshingly unusual, but nothing is really made of that The circumstances by which she becomes Annabel s guardian are really hard to believe though.Note the baby is not the he...

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    Another HP winner This book hits all the right spot for me It is one of the books that pretty much sucked me in right from the start and didn t let me go until the end It has everything I want in a book angst, passion, sadness, happiness, redemption, hotness. and the list goes on I can tell you it will pull at your heartstrings many times which for me always a great book I actually shed a few tears.I loved both the hero and the heroine My heart ached for both of them for everything they been through which they both didn t deserved Ugh I just loved it So why didn t I give it 5 stars Because of how this story ended I was kinda disappointed and I was left begging for Perhaps an epilogue further down the line would have be...

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    An intense read that had me up all night Both, Lukas and Rhiannon carry scars inflicted from those that should have loved them the most It was touching to see the love of a baby connect two people that had built so many barricades around their hearts However, I had a few regrets to the story, and thus it lost a star 1 I liked how the author wove the culture into the theme and for the most part, she did a terrific job But she made one mistake, that really bothered me I know these are only category romances, so I can t expect cultural perfection However, a Greek Orthodox wedding cannot take place on a beach In fact, it can only be in a Greek Orthodox church I felt this was a faux pas on the part of the author.2 I kept waiting to see what scar left him celibate for 2 years It was alluded to earlier in the book that there was something tragic, than it got dropped towards the end, and all the villainy was placed on the mother which I found a little far fetched 3 At the end, I didn t know what kind of love she was really looking for He accepted her into his life, wanted her there in spite of the fact that the child was not his He committed to respect, care, treasure her I wondered what she wanted What did she think love was Just because someone says they love you, doesn t really mean anything The last scene was a little vulgar in the way she basically prostituted herself to get words from his mo...

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    Well, I enjoyed this story about two people who ve been so hurt as children and now must choose between living in the past or letting it go and trusting in themselves to make their lives what they want The author has written with a real understanding of human emotions and how children are affected by their parents decisions I had a lot of trouble with how the hero, Lukas, viewed physical love and love in general , but understood why The h...

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    The Greek Tycoon s Convenient BrideShe take her friends baby to the child s father after the mothers death Only to find out that he is not the father, it was his nephew They have to decide what is best for the baby He can give his name but not the love This family has trust issues But can th...

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    A very predictable category romance not a complaint, by the way bonus points for having the hero not be a complete womanizer in between all of his ranting about how He Can Never Love negative points for the heroine s constant emphasis on love despite the fact that she s then choosing to marry without love and bursts into tears every time it s pointed out to her that she has, in fact, just married a man who explicitly told her on multiple occasions that, while he will be a good husband, he will never love her This is one of those category romance tropes I despise the he says he doesn t love me but I can tell from his actions he truly does It s just too familiar to me from real life we ve all had those friends who earnestly over analyze every single thing said, done or hinted by the guy they re dating in the hopes that if somehow they parse his sentences with enough skill, he will not mean the words I am not interested in a committed relationship despite the fact that those are the actual word...

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    Lukas s continued refusal to love is tedious to read Rhiannon is like a doormat and then suddenly became a tigress in bed haha Enjoyed the Greek island descriptions.

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    Kate is another new author for me and an exceptional one at that with this almost Greek Tragedy At times, this was painful to read as Lukas struggled with his emotions and refused to love He is a magnificent Greek alpha, shoulders his entire family s problems and always rises to the cause and takes responsibility for their misconduct.The first few chapters are intense due to the fact that both characters, Lukas and Rhiannon are immediately drawn to each other The air sizzles and crackles between them from the very beginning When Rhiannon contacts Lukas it s for an urgent reason..she is the ward of an old friends infant daughter, Annabel, who recently passed away Her friend told her Lukas is the father and because of her past upbringing she feels it s important for the infant to be with family She knows what it s like not to belong as she was adopted and never felt loved Love is the most important thing to Rhiannon and she hopes someday to find it.Lukas figures out that the Annabel s father is his nephew Christos, an uncaring, spoiled playboy No matter at what cost, Lukas is going to take responsibility for this child and claims her as family However, he demands until matters are settled that Rhiannon accompany them to Greece Sparks, sensual tension, all of it and flare up between this couple As the days go on, Rhiannon realizes that she loves this baby girl, she fights her attraction fo...

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    His nephew is the real father Rhiannon Davies s plan was to reunite her late friend s baby with the infant s Greek father, then return homealone Instead Lukas whisks them away to his private island Soon Rhiannon falls under the spell of the sun, sea and the ruthless tycoon himself...

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The Greek Tycoon's Convenient Bride (Greek Tycoons) Reading The Greek Tycoon S Convenient Bride Greek Tycoons Author Kate Hewitt Anguillais.us Rhiannon Davies S Plan Was To Reunite Her Late Friend S Baby With The Infant S Greek Father, Then Return Homealone Instead Lukas Whisks Them Away To His Private Island Soon Rhiannon Falls Under The Spell Of The Sun, Sea And The Ruthless Tycoon Himself Caught Up In A Wave Of Desire For The Devastatingly Handsome Lukas, She Finds Herself Agreeing To Marriage With A Man Who Has Made It Clear He Ll Never Love Her.

  • Paperback
  • 192 pages
  • The Greek Tycoon's Convenient Bride (Greek Tycoons)
  • Kate Hewitt
  • English
  • 19 May 2019
  • 9780373127221

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Kate is the USA Today bsetselling author of many books of women s fiction Her latest releases are A Vicarage Homecoming and Not My Daughter Under the name Katharine Swartz, she is the author of the Tales from Goswell books, a series of time slip novels set in the village of Goswell She likes to read women s fiction, mystery and thrillers, as well as historical novels She particularly enjoys re