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The Waking Land (The Waking Land, #1) Lady Elanna Valtai Is Fiercely Devoted To The King Who Raised Her Like A Daughter But When He Dies Under Mysterious Circumstances, Elanna Is Accused Of His Murder And Must Flee For Her Life Returning To The Homeland Of Magical Legends She Has Forsaken, Elanna Is Forced To Reckon With Her Despised, Estranged Father, Branded A Traitor Long Ago Feeling A Strange, Deep Connection To The Natural World, She Also Must Face The Truth About The Forces She Has Always Denied Or Disdained As Superstition Powers That Suddenly Stir Within Her But An All Too Human Threat Is Drawing Near, Determined To Exact Vengeance Now Elanna Has No Choice But To Lead A Rebellion Against The Kingdom To Which She Once Gave Her Allegiance Trapped Between Divided Loyalties, She Must Summon The Courage To Confront A Destiny That Could Tear Her Apart.

About the Author: Callie Bates

Callie Bates is a writer, harpist and certified harp therapist, sometimes artist, and nature nerd When she s not creating, she s hitting the trails or streets and exploring new places Her debut fantasy novel, THE WAKING LAND, is forthcoming from Del Rey Books in 2017.She is represented by Hannah Bowman of Liza Dawson Associates.

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    My resolve to avoid spoilers almost falters in the face of a book well worth talking about Let s see What can I say Buy this book when it comes out Read it, but write your name big in the front, because when you loan it out, it may not come back.Also, I think this is the first time I ve read a fantasy book that looks at Stockholm syndrome so well Yes, GRRM does it in A Song of Ice and Fire with Theon Greyjoy But I think that how Bates looks at it through her protagonist and the protagonist s slow a...

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    I decided to read this book during finals period You know the book is no good when you find yourself preferring to study instead of reading it I don t have much to say about The Waking Land It had potential, lots of it A girl with magical powers that can wake the land, returning to her homeland to lead a rebellion As much as cliche this sounds, I actually enjoy these stuff However, I ended up bored most of the time because this book dragged a lot Now I know this is a debut and I shouldn t be harsh so I ll keep this review short.The characters We had many characters in this book Some were okay, others totally forgettable The main character, Elena, irritated me She s always lost and no I shouldn t do this, no I shouldn t go there. all of this was very repetitive and annoyed the hell out of me The characters were flat and I couldn t connect with any of them I only liked Sophie but still, not much The villains were the typical stereotypes, I m bad because I want power and I ll do anything to get it with no personality whatsoever beyond evil.The romance Oh, the romance It made me cringe This is supposed to be a YA fantasy, right Don t be fooled It has some graphics Now I don t know about you, but I don t like the girl to propose What I mean is asking Jahan if he s interested in marrying her maybe not so directly and they didn t even know each other for long I didn t feel any chemistry I didn t hate Jah...

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    At five years old, Elanna Valtai is seized from her family at gunpoint and kidnapped by a powerful king who raises her as his own, in his palace, under one condition her father is never to come and reclaim her In her home land of Caeris, Elanna was loved and doted upon, warmly welcomed for her natural inclination to magic in the royal city of Laon, however, despite the king s growing affections for her, she is subjected to prejudices for her darker skin, her Caerisian blood, and her family name Worst of all, she must hide her magic at all costs, for the witch hunters would surely execute her if they found out her blood could wake the stones and the earth, and bring forth spirits of ancestors past.When the king is poisoned and his daughter takes her place as Queen, she accuses Elanna of regicide, and thus begins an adventure that leaves Elanna running for her life right into the arms of the family she was stolen from They ve got big plans for her and her magic, but will she be able to leave behind the life the kingdom gave her Where do I even begin I usually try to t...

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    I have so many thoughts..I will put them in a video..gah

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    4 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum Waking Land is a gorgeous new fantasy novel from debut author Callie Bates, and it was on my wishlist long before I had the opportunity to read it There are just certain types of stories, while not entirely groundbreaking or new to the genre, that are just irresistible to me, and this is one of them The book encompasses a lot of the elements I love, including a courageous heroine, an evocative magic system tied to the living earth, and a complex world built upon the political alliances and animosities between various kingdoms.Things get off to a rather intense start, with the prologue opening on the scene of an interrupted dinner party Our protagonist Elanna Valtai, five years old at this point, watches as her nurse is murdered in front of her eyes Meanwhile, King Antoine and the rest of his royal guards are storming the house downstairs, putting an end to her father s rebellion To ensure no attempted uprisings, Elanna s parents are banished back to their ancestral home of Caeris, while Elanna herself is seized as a hostage, to be raised in the king s household in Eren.Fourteen years pass For all that she is an outsider and the daughter of a known traitor, Elanna has been treated well by King Antoine, whom she regards and loves as a father She has not seen her real parents since the night of the party, and Eren has become the only place she feels at home In fact, she even has her future...

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    The Waking Land by Callie Bates is a book I was allowed to read from NetGalley and I am so glad indeed This book is so rich in fantasy, world building, character depth, plot, and twists that I was totally enthralled in its wonders Elanna has earth magic, than anyone knows, in a time that magic is forbidden except in the far north where the land shifts and protects the people, the old ways, and the land itself Elanna is forced kidnapped from her family as a young child and is held by the King to make her father be submissive to the King She is raised by the King and told so many lies about her birth land that she believes them Then, the King is murdered and she is blamed The daughter of the King is now Queen and has always hated her Elanna meets a man that also knows magic and knows about hers b...

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    This book wasn t a complete disaster I thought the world was intriguing and although it started out quite confusing, with all the different lands, emperors, kings and pretend kings, I ve never been one to be put off by complicated fantasy and so happily started compiling a mental list of all the places and names The magic system based on the natural world was fairly original if a little too simplistic for my taste Unfortunately, that s all the good stuff I can think to say about The Waking Land This is going to be one of the most ranty, possibly incoherent, reviews I ve ever written so consider yourself warned.Firstly, there were far too many pages dedicated to the main character s internal monologue, which just served to the detriment of the entire novel because she is, quite frankly, an idiot Elanna has the honour of being one of the most detestable characters I ve ever had the misfortune of reading about Too much time was given to the thoughts of a character I was never going to like, time that was taken away from the character dialogue and the development of the secondary characters who have the potential to be much interesting than the MC the author chose to afflict us with She is constantly raging about her hatred for her father because he abandoned her, despite the fact that she has a clear memory of the king pointing a gun at her head when she was taken hostage Would she rather her father had protested and watched her have her brains blown out She spends ...

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    DNFing 7% I ve been trying to read this book for a month or so, and I just really can t get into the way it s written.

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    An ambitious debut novel that I inhaled over two days, The Waking Land has a lot going for it a passionate heroine, complicated politics, lots of magic, and some colorful characters.It was also a rocky read in places, though I wonder how much of the confusing opening is due to the heroine being nineteen years old, which is not an age for emotional logic much less rational logic In that sense, Bates d...

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    WrensReads Review ARC in exchange for an honest reviewI was skeptical about this book when I read the synopsis There s a girl who has it all and then all of a sudden she doesn t and then she has to lead the rebellion To me, it kind of seems done, but I also kind of love a broken person rising above it all and becoming the reason the world changes So I requested, I got, and I didn t love it Don t get me wrong, it was unique in some of its concepts and it was written with beautiful lyrical words But some of it was I m not sure I just wasn t on board for it And some I never quite grasped the concept on what in the world was going on Half the time I was retracting because there were just a lot of things to remember There were a ton of kingdoms and characters and I didn t fall in love with any of them There s a line between giving ...

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