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The Cruise This Is A Second Edition And Alternative Cover.

10 thoughts on “The Cruise

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    Great book Totally not what I was expecting at the end.

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    Anthony Hulse.ThrillerThe Cruise.This book is totally different than the other blood and gore books I have read by this author.Having said that this book is so well written and your transported back and forth between 1925 and 2001 with ease A brillia...

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    The story is good It s creepy, there s some suspense, gore, a little twist But now it s the second book of A Hulse I read and, though the man can write, I have two major problems with his books 1 The rating too many 5 stars for so few reviews It sounds totally fake which is ridiculous because I don t think the books would deserve bad reviews Yet, it makes me feel cheated As if it tried to lure me into buying it like a cheap product selling its sugar.2 The characters They are on The story is good It s creepy, there s some suspense, gore, a little twist But n...

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    THE GOOD The story was excellent It had a delicious mix of mystery, paranormal, murder, cannibalism, and a bit of gore Not overdone, but enough to make you just grimace then continue with the story This would be a really good movie THE MEH This could have EASILY been a longer book While Mr Hulse was a bit redundant on certain elements regarding the opulence of the scenes We get it The place was fancy , I would have likedinsight into the characters psyches, suspense building, etc THE GOOD The story was excellent It had a delici...

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    This is the second book I have read by this author and I m not completely impressed The beginning was so slow and it took forever to get to the meat of the book There was a lot of repetition that wasn t needed Considering it took me 3 days to read a 400 pag...

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    Pretty solid horror thriller with some gore thrown in the mix Most of the characters seemed a little interchangeable and not fully fleshed out, but the story is compelling Closer to 3.5 stars than 4.

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    A selection of odd, yet creepy characters are passengers on this haunting cruise This was excellent and kept me intrigued until the final pages Written at a pace to my liking and with an ingenious plot Be warned This is not one for the squeamish

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    una bella storia di fantasmi molto scorrevole e trama solida inglese molto semplice, senza patoloni troppo complicati consiglio anche a chi ha un livello di conoscenza quasi media della lingua.

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    I can picture this as a very good movie Good premise, messily written, a quick read.