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Just Good Friends BOOKS Just Good Friends Ruth Ann Nordin Bandcamptomp3.co.uk Tiffany Clark Recently Had Her 35th Birthday, And She Isn T Married, Something That Worries Her Parents To No End To Make Matters Worse, Her Sister S Wedding Is Quickly Approaching And Tiffany Has No Date When Her Mom Threatens To Pair Her Up With Someone She Doesn T Want, Tiffany Takes Matters Into Her Own Hands And Asks Her Best Friend, Tyler Jackson, To Pose As Her Boyfriend.It Ll Only Be For The Wedding The Lie Won T Go Any Further Than That But In A Moment Of Frustration, Tyler Blurts Out That He And Tiffany Are Married That S Okay, Though Because As Soon As They Get Back To Omaha, Tiffany Will Tell Them The Truth Only, It S A Little Hard To Do That When Her Very Excited Parents Are Coming To Visit The Happy Newlyweds.In This Romantic Comedy, Tyler And Tiffany Are About To Learn There Is No Such Thing As A Little White Lie This Is Book 3 In The Omaha Contemporary Romances Series.Book 1 With This Ring I Thee DreadBook 2 What Nathan WantsBook 3 Just Good Friends

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    Sad it s overI have read other Ruth Ann Nordin books and enjoyed them, but this has been my favorite series They were just what I was in the mood for This last was my least favorite of the trilogy but still worth it.

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    2.5 starsFirst things first Hero needs to divorce his best friend There HAS to be some legal proceeding one can take to separate them from their family bff.Heroine needs to do that too with her family.The family BFF will bring gold in Olympics if meddling and manipulating was one of the sports.Her sister was SO bad I am surprised he didn t blurt out that they re pregnant to up one on her.But the way her family kept hinting marriage and kept calling her boyfriends at work, she needed to grow the backbone and seriously cut them out for a short while NOT get married.And his BFF was even worse, who meddled and made things worst just because he can, when the hero expressed his wishes explicitly that he doesn t want this complication I don t care for the end result This guy just doesn t have a sense of propriety and personal space He married his wife by fo...

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    Just Good Friends by Ruth Ann NordinOmaha Brides Series Book Three Tiffany Clark just lost her latest boyfriend and her family has found out With a few days before her sister s wedding her busy body family is hunting down dates for her And they are not good choices This is why she moved out of the same state as them in the first place She gets an ideaone little white lie to help her get through the wedding What can it hurt Tyler Jackson has been best friends with Tiffany for a long time so he don t mind pretending to be her boyfriend What he does mind is the constant badgering by her parents and the snobbish way Tiffany s sister treats her He didn t mean to cause so much trouble by adding another white lie, but it seems it has turned into a large rolling snowball And it s heading for a big disaster.Ruth Ann Nordin has done it again, bringing my emotions to a head by making her characters so real Like meddling parents and friends, including Nathan Rudolph from What Nathan Wants She...

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    I loved this book Ruth Ann Nordin has done it again I loved the book What Nathan Wants so reading this made it just as good Since Nathan is also in this book since Nathan is Tyler s best friend You know it is a good book when you just do not want to see the end of the book and the characters This was a cute little romance about two best friends and one little lie that blow up in their face But turned out to be the best thing for them in the end Sorry to see the ...

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    This is such a fun read Sometimes a little white lie can lead to all kinds of problems They were just good friends, but things sometimes change Her parents loved to meddle, and I wasn t sure I liked them at first, but I began...

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    I love Ruth Ann Nordin s books Most of hers are set in the past, but this series is current This has to be one of my favorites Just so sweet great love story I totally want Though, I may need to reread this entire series from the beginning again soon

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    What could possibly happen when your best friend gets upset with your sister and lands up telling your family a little white lie Quite a bit when his best friend gets involved

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