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Grimm Fairy Tales Volume 1 Reading Grimm Fairy Tales Volume 1 Joe Tyler Natus Physiotherapy.co.uk For Over Two Hundred Years The Powerful Stories Of The Brothers Grimm Have Enchanted Millions Around The World But There Has Never Been An Adaptation As Intriguing Or Provocative As This Grimm Fairy Tales Volume 1 Explores A Much Darker Side Of The Infamous Fables You Heard As A Child As These Classic Tales Are Retold And Re Imagined With A Terrifying Twist You Ll Simply Love As An Adult Red Riding Hood Is Forced To Confront The Insatiable Hunger Of Terrifying Beast Cinderella Seeks A Shocking Vengeance For The Years Of Torture She S Endured Hansel Gretel Realize That The Problems They Left Behind At Home Are Nothing Compared To The Horror That Awaits Them On Their Ill Advised Journey A Desperate Girl Makes A Deal With The Hideous Rumpelstiltskin Only To Find She May Lose Much Than She Ever Imagined Sleeping Beauty Learns That Narcissism Can Be A Very Gruesome Trait To Possess And An Envious Sister Finds Her Extreme Measures To Capture The Man Of Her Dreams May Lead To Much Worse Than Just Heartbreak From The Robber Bridegroom Enter A World Where Morality Is Constantly Tested And The Shocking Repercussions Of One S Choices Must Always Be Faced Enter The World Of Grimm Fairy Tales.

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    The artwork is overly sexualized and designed for adolescent boys The stories are simplistic and typically based on appearances I get the impression that they are written by someone that thinks people are very shallow, especially women.I would say the main reason for reading this series is a lesser version of the curiosity of watching a train wreck It does have a uniq...

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    I was disappointed in this comic It was simply a sexualized re telling of Grimm s fairytales and did not offer much else in terms of a storyline.

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    For the most part, the stories were interesting, although they all pretty much followed the same pattern and had obvious morals This was a pretty standard retelling in my opinion.I wasn t really a fan of the artwork I knew from the cover that I wouldn t like the representations of women, but I had read a review saying that the actual artwork in the book wasn t as sexualized as the cover After reading the graphic novel, I discovered the artwork is still pretty sexualized balloon breasts popping out of tops, tight skirts revealing every curve of the female s backsides.Also,the artwork gets pretty gorey, so if you don t like that, you probably shouldn t try this book.While the messages were often empowering to women and focused on women ma...

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    The GoodThe original Brothers Grimm tales were dark and meant as moral lessons to those who heard them These comics brings that back with Sela who lets people in different situations read a tale that seems to reminisce off their own situation The artwork is excellent, and there s a side story following Sela that demands attention as it drops hints and subtleties.The BadIt s dark, as the fairy tales are meant to be, and there s not always a happy ending, as there aren t always This is not bad in and of itself, but the artwork displays this with graphic gore and violence, so if that s not something you can handle, I wouldn t pick up this graphic novel.The ReviewI love graphic novels and these are no different Now I...

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    Get past the cover art, the stories are fun twists on fairy tails with maybe some life lessons

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    This was boring and pretty unoriginal A short comic, but not really anything special there was nothing that popped out at me about this one.

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