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The Very Hungry Cthulhupillar KINDLE The Very Hungry Cthulhupillar By Ben Mund Ls17.eu An Artist And Lifelong Fan Of Lovecraftian Literature, Ben Mund Retells The Story Of Cthulhu In A Humorous And Horrific Take Of Classic Children S Literature Read And Discover Just What The Hungry Little Cthulhupillar Devours In Its Quest To Sate Its Ravenous Appetite, And Learn The Fate Of The World When It Finally Eats Its Fill The Very Hungry Cthulhupillar Features Full Color Illustrations By Ben Mund, And Will Call Back Fond Memories Of Childhood Along With The Maddening Knowledge Of Our Cosmic Insignificance And Forthcoming Doom This Book Is Not Intended For Young Children This Book Is Not Authorized By Or Affiliated With Eric Carle Or Penguin Group USA.

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    On Monday, he ate through a cultist But he was still hungry.On Tuesday, he ate through two underprepared antiquarians But he was still peckish.On Wednesday, he ate through three cases of Charles Dexter Ward But he was still famishedAnd so it goes, until the adorable hungry Cthulhupillar awakens, transformed, and eats the world, without ever losing his cuteness Ha Best part, though, is the Mythos Fun Pages at the back Connect th...

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    For people of a certain age and taste, this is sure to be a delightful diversion, for a few minutes at least Not to be shared with the wee uns, though, unless you want to deal with the usual mind warping effects routinely chronicled in the works...

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    Cute, made all the big references and keep the style the same as the kid s book Nothing in it is drawn violent but it sadult just because of the cthulhu references.

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    This delightfully twisted little book is precisely what you would expect it to be and brilliant as a result The included short story Have You Seen My Kitty is equally great, and Wilbur Whateley s Mythos Fun Page is a slice of genius I loved it, and am glad to have it on my bookshelf.

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    I m the publisher and author of the adapted short story at the end so I m heavily biased But I love our little book.

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    Loved It