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WTF Are Men Thinking? Do You Know Your Guy 250,000 Men Give You The Answers You Need To Understand Exactly What S In His Head What Habit Drives Men Away What Really Moves Him What Do Men Flirt So Much Why Doesn T He Call When Should I Talk About My Ex Will He Cheat On Me What Makes Him Commit What Will Cost A Girl A Second Date Does He Compare Me To Her With Answers To These And 145 Questions, WTF Are Men Thinking Offers Women Real Answers From 250,000 Men It S A Fascinating Window Into What Makes Him Tick, A Priceless Handbook For Avoiding The Pitfalls, Mistakes, And Problems That Are So Easy For Women To Fall Into.

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    I like the real life answers from men all over and all different ages I liked getting an honest point of view about how guys think and what they like Somethings in there hurt my feelings, but guys will be guys right I would recommend this book as it is a great source to delve into the mind of a guy.