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Monitoring Bird Populations by Point Counts Point Counts Of Buds Are The Most Widely Used Quantitative Method And Involve An Observer Recording Buds From A Single Point For A Standardized Time Period In Response To The Need For Standardization Of Methods To Monitor Bird Populations By Census, Various Investigators Met In Maryland In Late Fall 1991 To Evaluate Point Counts Their Objectives Were To Present Data From Various Investigations Working Under A Wide Variety Of Conditions, And To Examine Various Aspects Of Point Count Methodology This Volume Contains The Papers Given At The Workshop, As Well As A Few Additional Relevant Papers That Subsequently Have Been Submitted To The Technical Coordinators Statistical Aspects Of Sampling And Analysis Were Discussed And Applied To The Objectives Of Point Counts From This Base, At Interactive Sessions The Participants Discussed And Agreed Upon Standards Of Point Counts That Should Have Wide Applicability To A Variety Of Habitats And Terrain The Final Chapter Presents These Standards And Their Applications To Point Count Methodology Forest Service, US Department Of Agriculture

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