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10 thoughts on “Random Family: Love, Drugs, Trouble, and Coming of Age in the Bronx

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    A cultural explosion of family, dysfunction, and violenceProfound, Epic, and 1000% Unputdownable More to Come.

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    If this book was a novel, readers would probably dismiss it as too chaotic and not believable But it is in fact a true story, the never ending cycle of living on the edge, the ghetto largely the Bronx , where the girls get pregnant and the guys sell drugs and go to jail some of the girls do too Somehow, LeBlanc, the author, has gotten inside several families, and the result is you live with them, with all their turmoil, rage, love and loyalt...

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    It s hard to truly understand poverty unless a you experience it first hand, or b you read a work like Random Family But this isn t just some study about poverty it s about people.Although LeBlanc zooms in on several family members, she focuses on the lives of Coco and Jessica, two Latina women who at the beginning of the book are mid teens a vulnerable stage where they re trying to build their identities, impress others, and be experimental This is where they start to make detrimental choices that will affect them forever Sure, the ladies may be told that they can be successful and independent, but their role models are being beaten by boyfriends and the men showing interest in them are drug dealers Since they are young and financially unstable, it s difficult to remove themselves from the culture and even when they try, it s impossible to sever the ties.An amazing amount of time was put into this book LeBlanc spent years researching, conducting interviews, and enveloping herself in the family s environments she was present through many of the accounts She s not some scholar who compiled her data from the safety of an upper class neighborhood where she was so removed from the culture that she couldn t understand it Yet she manages to detach herself from the boo...

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    I really enjoyed reading this book, however, I grew up in the South Bronx during the time this book was set in so my review may be a little biased Based on an article written by the author, I received the impression that the author enjoyed leaving her uptown cushy cocoon to delve deep into the lower class, inner city as a voyeurist FYI, the author spent about 10 years living with the family Yes, anyone unbeknownst to the Bronx or any urban area , will receive a close look into the lives of ONE very dysfunctional family and form an opinion about how BAD it must be growing up in such an environment MOST families are not like this where I come from, as mine surely wasn t I didn t have roaches and rats and drug dealers in the hallway of my building Yes, even though I grew up in a time where drugs was rampant, we couldn t play in playgrounds without seeing an empty crack vial or syringe on the ground However, there were also good memories of block parties, BBQ s, good friends and family I feel that Ms LeBlanc made the Bronx seem much worse than it really was, based on this one particular family PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT THIS FAMILY IS NOT THE NORM in the inner city.I m also concerned and have qu...

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    Riveting and devastating Required reading for anyone wanting to better understand not just the cycle of poverty, but the systems that keep that cycle churning I rooted for the people in this book, while all the while seeing what they could never get out from under, frustrated by their cho...

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    What was the point of this book If it was the soap operafication of a family in the midst of poverty, then mission accomplished This book is pure voyeurism There is no message to be found, no subtext about the plight of the poor, and ultimately no empathy from the author for these people who have been reduced by the author to their choices many of them poor Reading this book I learned nothing about these people except for their decisions nothing about their inner lives or the insitutions that perpetuate their condition The writing itself is terribly paced, but she will of course get away with this by cramming as much personal information as she can, and the critics will applaude her honesty.http etude.uoregon.edu spring2007 lLook for a page expressing LeBlanc s connection to this family you won t find it, not even in her acknowle...

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    Random family, in the sense of typical Well, not exactly LeBlanc actually says in the book that her subjects are NOT typical of the folks who live in their neighborhood The illusion that what s portrayed is representative is one of this book s major flaws The book reinforces stereotypes associated with race and class e.g the welfare queen going on a cocaine binge in a limo, the baby mama drama LeBlanc focuses heavily on the psychological angle why would someone go back to her abusive drug dealer boyfriend and the moral angle why would someone spend money on cocaine instead of tuition This makes the book a page turner at times, but it also feels strangely flat You know why Because the personal and psychological angles are only part of the story She almost entirely leaves out the structural angle WHY does this kind of poverty exist Why are these folks so disenfranchised How have racism and sexism contributed to the inequalities What effect have social programs had, or what effect could they have, on the problems LeBlanc spends very little time on these questions, so you re left with the idea that Coco and Jessica and their friends and families are so screwed up because they keep making bad choices And they do make bad choices, but plenty of people around them who are not the focus of this story make good choices and are still not able to make it , because of structural inequalities.A couple of stylistic c...

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    400 pages of dysfunction with no solution

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    I think the LA Times blurb for Random Family, which called the book a non fiction Middlemarch of the underclass, is absolutely spot on While it is principally a brilliant work of journalism, the book also feels at times like a massive 19th century English novel You know, one whose four dozen odd characters occupy a wide range of positions within their class, and it feels as if the story could go on, and should go on, forever Most of the characters flit in and out of the narrative however, a few grab the author s attention and lead her through the elemental yet compelling trials of their lives.The difference here, of course, is that Eliot s novel was about provincial, middle and upperclass Victorians, people who could lay claim to the central and dominant culture of the day Meanwhile, LeBlanc s book encompasses the actual stories of poor people for whom nobody could give a shit It preserves these people s often poetical expressions and keen insights into just how little say so they ve been given in their own lives For me, it serves as an elegant answer to any politician or cretin fretting about class warfare Useless Sidenote LeBlanc probably used the phrase break night or broke night a hundred plus times I always assumed that the colloquialism referred to an all night binge where one broke the night by partying into day e.g., Yo, we broke night and sniffed yay until 9 in the morning However, LeBlanc s usage seems...

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    Incredibly cold, boring, redundant, and banal LeBlanc s approach is cold and lifeless journalism at its most barren She took no interest in any of the people involved it read like one giant insensate run on list of daily activities.

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