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The Garlic Lovers' Cook Book: Vol 1 (Garlic Lover's Cookbook) Each July, The Quiet, Hardworking Town Of Gilroy, California Transforms Itself Into A Gourmet Extravaganza Since 1979, The Garlic Capital Of The World Has Captured International Acclaim This Book Is The Second Of Two Volumes Containing Delicious Recipes From This Event.

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    The Gilroy Garlic Festival Association, The Garlic Lovers Cookbook Celestial Arts, 1980 A quick check of shows me that this book has, in fact, been updated a few times since the 1980 copy I was able to get my hands on Take certain passages with a grain of salt, consequently.It would be simple to give this a one line review along the lines of if you like garlic, you ll love this cookbook And it would even be true However, there s a bit to this, though whether you will find it charming or amateur is a matter of taste And honestly, the floor for garlic inclusion in the contest recipes was only three cloves, so don t be expecting an avalanche of the stuff which I was looking forward to.In any case, Celestial Arts has obviously come a long way since 1980 this has the distinct feel of a self published book, with the expected fonts and art of same, but when it comes right down to it, who cares A cookbook is all about the recipes we all have at least one homemade cookbook with the recipes typewritten on three hole punch looseleaf, don t we And if you re a garlic fan, you ll find a lot here that will intrigue you Loads of Italian food, naturally, but other continents fares are well represented as well, along with an eclectic mix of stuff you ll never be able to quite figure out an origin for The book s one real disappointment it lacks the recipe for the festival s infamous garlic ice cream The recipes themselves are or ...

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    I eat garlic for breakfest.

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    learned about the gilroy garlic festival and a lot of good food

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